KIC is an after-school enrichment program designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, risk-taking, and making skills necessary for innovation. Students are presented with challenges at the beginning of every KIC session through interesting prompts and are guided towards solving the challenge throughout the session. Students exhibit their work to conclude the session, receiving feedback from their peers, parents, and teachers.


What we do


KIC Regular programs are 8, 12 or 16 weeks long, covering a range of areas from computing, design to space. Students attend a 3-hour session once every week. They exhibit their work to conclude the session, and receive feedback from their peers, parents, and teachers.


KIC camps are short 3 to 5 days fun engaging learning experience for students.


KIC one day events are short 2-3 hour events with hands-on activities that blend concepts of science with art. The objective of the event is to introduce making as a form of learning and ensure students have fun.


Teacher Development or Teacher Training refers to the transfer of skills, procedures, and equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors required to run KIC classes in their schools.


Robotics teaches kids to be creative and innovative with technology. This theme provides kids with a hands-on and fun way for kids to learn STEAM concepts by making their own robots.

The coding theme focuses on teaching programming and digital tools not just as functional engineering tools but also powerful tools of creative self-expression. We believe the future - from self-driving cars to drones to home automation systems - require blending the digital and physical world, thus require physical fabrication skills alongside digital ones.

We all make decisions, consciously or unconsciously, based on what we see. In a world full of screens, visual communication is necessary to communicate your ideas effectively. This theme allows students to learn and practice their visual communication skills.



  • Karkhana classes are different from the classes I take in school, because even
    though we gain a lot of knowledge we don’t know how we can use it in real life,
    and we learn things just for the sake of our exams. But in Karkhana it is totally
    different, because we learn things in such a way that we can instantly use the
    knowledge in our lives. The teachers are more like our friends and are extremely
    helpful and value every one of us equally. After learning how to make different
    things at Karkhana, I have made Electronic Gadgets like Sound Detecting Light,
    Laser Security System, Tripwire Alarm, Mobile Controlled Car, etc.

    Aarogya Rijal, 14,

    Ullens School
  • In Karkhana classes, we focus on applying the knowledge and skills taught
    by our teachers to comprehend the topic that we are studying. In school,
    not every class engages us in practical learning. Karkhana teachers are very
    friendly and supportive and are always willing to answer our questions. One
    thing that I want Karkhana to improve with our classes is to take us on a educational trip.

    Anek Rajbhandari, 14

  • I believe I am a visual learner rather than a theoretical learner and Karkhana
    has helped me to learn different things which are out of my comfort zone. The
    Karkhana teachers are very nice and I like the way they behave with us like
    a friend. Karkhana and the classes have encouraged me to create project of
    own, and now I’m thinking of making some projects in my free time. Because of
    my Karkhana experience, I think I have gained confidence in speaking in front
    of the mass and present my project with all the confidence.

    Ojashwi Ohja, 15

    Pathshala Nepal
  • Karkhana classes for me are more practical and engaging than the classes at
    my school. We are asked to make, plan and do a project in groups, working
    together as a team. I like the friendly attitude and the helpful nature of
    Karkhana teachers very much, engaging with students, encouraging them, and
    answering questions anytime. Karkhana has encouraged to work on my own
    projects, so once I made a paper gun that shoots paper bullets. I had also
    made a few other games on scratch, a digital Rangoli using LEDs, a simple
    solar powered light with a switch.

    Apekshya Sitaula, 15

    Universal College Preparatory School