Unpacking the practice of documentation

Unpacking the practice of documentation

Throwing your money away


  • An activity to understand how group learning takes place
  • People working in pairs to design a paper plane that can transport 4 rupee one coin the farthest (for every group there were two people documenting)
  • 12 participants in  3 groups of 2 learners and 2 people to document
  • 3 groups took 3 different approaches. Sabhyata and Sunoj worked on one design for the period, Irina and Sona worked on 3 different designs and Anu and Nisha worked individually and then combined their design later


The observers shared  their insights with the learners


What learners had to say

  • One of the things Sabhyata realized was that when working in groups she feeds of the energy of her group members. With sunoj she was really intense and focused but when reflecting on working with with a more “fun” person she was lot more relaxed and having fun. According to Dipesh, Sunoj drove the group activity with Sabhyata having very little contribution to the process. So teachers will be experimenting with group division in their next few classes
  • The process of documenters sharing their insights to learners created a environment of self reflection. So maybe there is a room for teachers sharing their insights from their documentation to students.

One interesting observation made by Roshan was that imposing the pressure of time lead to better collaboration in his group


What observers had to share


  • Documenters used video, photos and note taking to document. There was a discussion on which form could be replicable in a classroom environment. The group felt that taking videos might not be that effective but in the classroom you can’t just focus on one group so recording the video of a group might help them reflect what happened later. All of the documenters found note taking to be very effective.
  • For pushpa having criterias to observe when documenting makes the process a lot easier