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The coding theme focuses on teaching programming and digital tools not just as functional engineering tools but also powerful tools of creative self-expression. We believe the future - from self-driving cars to drones to home automation systems - require blending the digital and physical world, thus require physical fabrication skills alongside digital ones.



age 7 to 11


100 years into the future all of the human race is addicted to their smartphones, PCs and tablets. No one ever gets any exercise and we are facing extinction through obesity. And the world is reliant upon you brilliant minds to make a computer game that is physically interactive so that when people play your game they get some physical exercise and defeat obesity. The fate of humanity rests upon you. May the force be with you.

Block-based programming, Peer Feedback, Core programming skills, User-centered Design, Game Design, Scratch


You and your best friend are about to travel on for a 10 days trip together. And your parents won’t allow you to bring along neither your iPad, nor your phone, nor your favorite handheld video game. Using the tools and techniques you learned in this workshop build your own electronic game to take with you… and make sure it’s fun enough to play for 10 days!


Core programming skills, Product design cycle, Prototyping, Physical Computing, Arduino, Block-based Programming, Teamwork


age 9 to 13 or completed required courses of Newbie


Aliens have invaded earth and taken away all our musical instruments. There is a big concert happening in Kathmandu and there are no instruments to play in the concert. So you are tasked with making your own electronic musical instrument so that the concert in Kathmandu can go ahead.


Core programming skills, Text-based programming, Arduino, Principles of sound, Familiarity with different sensors, Physical Computing


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in space? It's not an easy job to spend months floating in microgravity. For example, a simple and mundane task like changing your clothes in the space station becomes a challenge with limbs floating at odd angles. And we haven’t even gotten to the part where they have to be constantly worried about radiation leakage in their space stations or the space stations spinning off the designated orbit after colliding with other floating objects in space. Ever seen the movie Gravity? It’s a serious threat. For the session, you will be working on coming up with solutions to make the life of these astronauts easier.


age 11 to 15 or completed required courses of Rookie


Aditi, a 13 year old girl, was beating a stranger on the road and had to be detained by the police. The investigation revealed she obsessively played, Batoko Boxing, a popular but violent video game from Nepal. After careful review, a psychologist concluded that this was the reason of her attack on the stranger. We have heard similar kind of news of unprovoked violence in the media. Analysts say that violent games make people more aggressive. They think that removing violence from computer games might help reduce these kinds of crimes. Gaming industries are looking for people who can make the fun, non-violent games since last few years.


Game design, coding, 3D design,