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We all make decisions, consciously or unconsciously, based on what we see. In a world full of screens, visual communication is necessary to communicate your ideas effectively. This theme allows students to learn and practice their visual communication skills.



age 7 to 11


We all love melas. The fun games, the sugary food and the cheap prizes that are up for grabs. We want you to host an Energy Mela, a carnival with fun games based on energy transformation. We need you to take care of all aspects of mela from building games, to designing posters and decorating the space.


Color Theories, Prototyping, Cardboard Engineering, Iterative Thinking


#building #prototyping #drama #creativity


The villagers of Rangatar have been terrorized by the demon Momasur. He has been crossing the river and eating all their cattles on a regular basis. The chief of the village has struck a deal with Momasur promising that they will be regularly delivering momos to his doorstep given that he stops eating their cattles. Also Momasur has demanded a drama from the villagers while he devours his momos. Since all the villagers are terrified of crossing the river and delivering those delicious momos to Momasur, they will have to design a transportation device that delivers momos across the river without a human having to cross the bridge. The villagers will also have to script and direct a drama to keep the demon entertained during his feast.


age 9 to 13 or completed required courses of Newbie


Identify and solve real problems of real startups through graphic design. Design a t-shirt that supports a social cause or a greeting card targeting teenagers or even cool packaging for different products.


Graphic Design, peer feedback and critique, real-world problem solving, design thinking, color theories


My name is camera monster, I like to explore, and capture memories I travel around Kathmandu and collect stories, memories, and dreams. I believe that Kathmandu has interesting stories, temples, and history attached to it. Would you join me in capturing those events and get to know more about the history of Kathmandu?

Visual Storytelling, Photography


Karkhana movies is looking for young animators to make their new movie series “Momasur”. It is going to be a stop motion animation movie, made with clay models for young children. The animator  also has to help the production team in coming up with the storyline for the movie.


You will have to send a short stop motion animation movie to the production team for the audition. We encourage all you young animators to apply.

Clay modeling, photography,  stop-motion animation , Visual Storytelling


age 11 to 15 or completed required courses of Rookie


We all love to display our work online and show it to the world. Whether you are applying to college or just want to create a digital portfolio of all the projects you have worked on. Learn how to make your own web page and design apps with some skills you already have.


android programming,design principles, importance of iteration, peer critique


Restriction is a very useful tool for creativity. Imagine yourself having to tell a story in 90 seconds, it will make you force yourself to be very creative. After learning the basics of videography techniques you will make a short 90 seconds video on a topic of your choice (approved by the instructor)


Hi, I am Chantin, together with my friend camera monster I have captured historic stories and memories of Kathmandu. We have a beautiful collection of photographs, we will be learning how to edit those photos using various editing tools. Will you join us to learn some advanced editing skills?